Mr Duchemin’s work

David Duchemin’s work, for some reason I am yet to understand, makes me feel at ease with the world.

I go through his VENICE, A Monograph and suddenly, the day, as heavy as it started, becomes light and flows gently to take me to a serene mood where anger dilutes and life starts to make some kind of sense. I guess inspiring is the word to define the effect it has on me. But why? Why is it so? I don’t know. I can only suspect it may have something to do with what it feels to me like an honest expression of deep, basic, emotions. But, how on earth does a photography book manage to achieve so? Again, no idea. If I knew, I could probably call myself a photographer.

So, for now, while I keep searching for my own way to expression, I can only hope Mr Duchemin’s books keep coming to life this often.


~ by dejardeimaginar on June 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mr Duchemin’s work”

  1. Compañera, felicidades por tu blog que respira pasión por la fotografía.

  2. Gracias Ramón por el comentario. Has tocado algo.
    Muchos días me pregunto qué es la fotografía para mí, qué ha hecho, hace, la fotografía por mí. Y, a pesar de ser consciente de todo lo que le dedico, nunca acabo de tener una respuesta. Por qué hago fotos es una pregunta que me obsesiona. Aún no lo sé, y sin embargo, el que alguien vea pasión en ello, me da algunas respuestas.

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