Pigeon’s day

It was “Pigeon’s Day” only because I couldn’t find the way to make it be “People’s Day”. I stepped out with my camera ready to take pictures of whatever called attention. People and their relaxed way of living in a small sea village drew my eyes from the first minute but, not once I was able to ask to let me take a picture of them. Somehow I feel they see me as a threat.

The result is that I now have great images of people in my head and a bunch of uninteresting pigeons in my hard drive. I feel frustrated and with no ideas on how to overcome this problem: the fear of asking. I certainly know that the worst that could happen is being told a big “no”. And that “no” would just mean I would have the same amount of photos as not asking: none. Shouldn’t really be a problem then, eh

So.. everyone out there, how do you approach people in the street to take photos of them?


~ by dejardeimaginar on August 27, 2009.

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