In love

I start the day having breakfast at 9 am while already talking about photography. Then it comes a little bit of theory plus some practice. That’s up to lunch time. More photography talking over lunch. More shooting after lunch. Opps, it’s dinner time. Everything eaten up, it’s time for the bussiness side of photography. Hooked on the talk, by 9.30 pm the day seems to come to an end. But no, as I get to Charming Escape, I am already obsessed by the idea of looking at the very many photography sites I want to check.

If I stop for sec to think about it…

…either I am possessed or I am kind of falling in love with this side of photography. Ok, I agree, it might just be a one week stand, or it could simply be that I’ve had too much coffee today, but actually, what I know for sure is that I wanna keep this feeling forever.


~ by dejardeimaginar on April 14, 2009.

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